Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grilled fish with ginger and garlic (Jun`s recipe)

This is going to be very short. Yes, you`re welcome.

I didn`t take pictures as usual because at Jun`s Indochine Kitchen you can see far more awesome pictures with recipe in details for this fish with ginger and garlic.
Once I saw this fish dish on her post, it just caught my mind. For days.  I knew I just had to make it. And I`m glad I did! He was glad too!
Here are two things I did differently:
1. Fish was grilled instead of being fried
2. Jun used more ginger than garlic while I (unintentionally) did the opposite.
Err..three things?
3. The garlic-ginger infused oil was used to make sambal

This tasted GREAT! Oh I really wish I can be more specific in describing the deliciousness, but for a garlic addict like me, this topping is unbeatable. The ginger and sesame oil added very nice mild heat and flavor to the garlickyness.
And as time after time I kept forgetting to take step-by-step pictures for making sambal, I hope this will somehow help.
With this dish? We overate again, of course.
Thanks for the recipe, Jun!

p.s Judging from my very poorly sliced ginger, Jun (and her mother) probably would tell me to go to a cutting/slicing/chopping class (which I`d love to if only I could find a free one, lol) 


  1. Brilliant idea! I have never tried making sambal with sesame oil. I can't seem to stop thinking about it, it must be really, really good!

  2. ohhh i love how this is grilled! ahem i can't slice ginger that thinly too! T_T

  3. Jun: The leftover is precious! And I just have to have sambal whenever I have grilled fish. Wish I could fry it too, though.

    Rita: So I`m not the only one who needs the training, haha! Or let`s just blame our knives for not doing the job well :D

  4. I would go with the grilled fish and not the fried. Why taking more calories if you can avoid it? It looks so colorful and healthy!

  5. Whether fried or grilled I love all sorts of fish. The addition of sambal is great idea. Love it.

  6. wow, another wonderful invitation to new and delightful flavors!!

  7. Katerina: Oh..I actually really love fried food. You`re right about the health concern, but as long as we don`t have fried food too much or too often and take it in a good balance with other nutritious food, I think our body still can handle it. At home I usually choose grilling over deep-frying because of its convenience.

    Holly: And I bet you`ll add kimchee too for the topping :D Now I came to think of it, that would be really great, wouldn`t it?

    Bentobird: Thanks! Hope you can try the sambal sometime :)