Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabbage and egg soup

What is wrong with me?! I`ve been neglecting my lil` box these days. I hope you do still remember me....err...do you?
My crappy ceiling is still on my top list of things to be blamed for, but honestly, I could have just whipped up something edible if I was on a better weather.
By the way, this has nothing to do with the kitchen, or food, or anything, but this is me sitting outside after (accompanying him) taking pictures of a shrine at 9 pm  before finally got bored and hungry again. We had our dinner just 2 hours before.

And some people did come to the shrine to pray on that kind of time! New Year in Japan is time for people to go to the shrine, pray, write down their wishes on a wooden board, and hang them on a provided place. It`s really interesting to know what people wish for. Hey, I should have gotten one too and asked for a disaster-proof kitchen! Maybe next time.

Yes yes, I remember this is a cooking journal. And since I didn`t cook anything (showable to you) recently, let me just give you something from my "unpublished" folder. No, I just made that up. But I`m seriously thinking of making that folder.

So, one morning I woke up feeling sick. Sick like someone just punched my stomach. Maybe it was Monday. I can`t remember, but I have some kind of uncured Monday allergy. I knew I needed something warm and soft. And yummy of course.

Start with preparing dashi or Japanese soup stock. Garlic and I are BFF, so I started with sauteing minced garlic with olive oil, poured in water, and threw in dried shiitake mushroom and kombu. Some notes here:
1. Skip the garlic if you`re not into it
2. Soak the shiitake mushroom in water for like 3 hours to get more flavor before you use it if you got time (I didn`t)

While simmering up your dashi, get some cabbage. Wash it and chop up.

When your dashi looks ready, toss in the cabbage and let it get wilted.

Crack an egg (I used two) into a cup, beat up, and pour into the soup.

Stir up until the soup gets thickened by the curdled egg.

Season it with salt and pepper and the soup is ready. You heard me right. Salt and pepper only are just perfect for this soup. But you certainly can add any seasoning or condiments you like.
As I need more calories to start up my day, I had it with rice.

Pour in the soup, top it with benito flakes, and enjoy your morning!

I completely forgot about my stomach feeling sick earlier.

Garlic, minced
Dried shiitake mushroom
Dried kombu seaweed
Cabbage, chopped
Whole egg, beaten
Benito flakes for garnishing


  1. This soup would make my sick stomach cured as well.It has all the right ingredients.

  2. Hi Katerina, I just realized how ridiculously easy to prepare this soup! Simple soup for bad stomach day :D

  3. Congratulations on your Blog! In Tokyo I've written my wishes at the temple! Hello mauri

  4. Yum yum! Thank you for sharing! Adding the egg in this form is adding a LOT of taste!
    In Greece we add egg-lemon sauce in stews to enhance the taste, but in this way the egg is not cooked fully like in your way.
    Thanx for sharing!