Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spicy miso soup

I`m really sleepy right now, but I just can`t wait till tomorrow to share our dinner with you. So pardon me if you can hear me yawning like in every minute. Sleepy and getting excited at the same time. Weird?


Quick quick.
Saute garlic, onion, and chili. Add some more chili if this doesn`t look spicy enough for you.

Throw in shimeji mushroom...

...and shrimp. Stir a bit. In case you`re worried, I always wash and devein my shrimps no matter how sleepy I am. So please tell me that you do the same.

Back to the spiciness, this is what I use to make my spicy food looks redder without making it too spicy. Gochujaru, Korean chili powder. I drool every time I look at red food.


Now this is my new ingredient. Plain soy milk. Correct, not cow`s milk or coconut milk either. Soy milk. I`m really glad I used this!

Pour in soy milk in batches according to the thickness you want and stir well.

I just never get bored with this konnyaku. I mean, its chewiness and blandness are just perfect for including it in many many dishes. Almost zero calorie. Ha, another goodness there.

Am I dreaming right now?

Miso paste. Because we`re making miso soup. Keep in mind that miso has a very rich flavor (with high-sodium content), so you don`t want to overuse it.

As it has a very thick consistency, it will turn into lumps if you just plunge them in directly to the soup. From what I watched learned on TV, a good way to do this is by placing it in a small strainer and stir it with chopsticks with the strainer half soaked in the soup. Thing is, I always cook my soup with a spatula. So I just push it out with the back of spatula and it always works fine for me.
After stirred in the miso, you can adjust the thickness of the soup. More water to thin out, or more milk to thicken up. Or more miso for richer taste.

Don`t you want something green in your red soup? I always do. Throw in green paprika slices.

And bean sprouts too. This is a veggie party in a pot. Stir well and taste.

And serve. A bowl of spicy vegetable-soymilk-miso soup. Rich. Spicy. With fibers.

Oyasuminasaaaai, everyone. Nightie night!

Shimeji mushroom
Green paprika
Bean sprouts
Soy milk


  1. Nice and easy I love it! Have a goodnight sleep.

  2. Thanks, Katerina! Happy weekend! And have a good night sleep too!