Friday, July 2, 2010

Another fatty treat

Yesterday evening, he asked me out to get some air (it was crazily hot in our house!) and we finally headed to a shop specialized in imported food products. Yes, we are kind of those couples who can never go outside without buying food or anything edible :D. We initially wanted to buy ice creams and chips and have a small picnic at the nearby park, but going straight to the section and buy only what we need (and/or want) is not our thing, especially at shops we rarely go.  So we were just wandering around the shop when I spotted (alright, he pointed) this on the rack:

I`ve never made (or eaten) macaroni cheese, so I thought it`s time to give it a try. So I grabbed a jar of it and a pack of macaroni and put them in my basket. Interesting part was, the cheese cream comes with a recipe on its label, and it really sounds easy to do.

However, I`m not happy with the idea of eating mac and cheese with beef only, so I added onions, leeks and red bell pepper too. I think the color gets much better with the leeks and pepper :)
Anyway, I followed the instruction on the jar (with some changes on the ingredients) and finally baked it in preheated oven at 200 C for 20 minutes. The instruction does not mention anything about baking, but I just like my macaroni cheese a little dryer. Too bad that lovely green color from the leeks was wiped away with the baking. Maybe next time I can add some edamame in it :)

So, the mac and cheese (and beef) was good, I loved it, and he asked for another plate.

Oh, I`m so determined to control his eating, but look what I`ve done. Happily serving him a plate full of fat ! Go do some more jogging, honey!

Well, I still think that this mac and cheese is one of good choices for serving your guests or just for occasional treat ;)