Sunday, December 23, 2012

An early greeting from Sendai

It might be still early for sharing the Christmas and New Year`s greeting, but while I`m enjoying some quality time on weekend after my experiment marathon, why not sit down and write about our recent photo-walking in the city?
Sendai Pageant of Starlight, or what people simply call "Illumination" is one of the famous annual events held every December where all the trees in some main streets and parks are decorated with lights and lit on every night until December 31. 

The streets are crowded with visitors not only from Sendai but also from other cities despite the frostiness. My husband and I are not big on places packed with people, but for this spectacular view, oh, we`re so ready to join the crowd!  

If you remember my previous post on Jozenji avenue, this is exactly the same place, only the trees are now without their leaves and everything looks glowing thanks to the magical transformation by the lights.

Beautiful. Not so many people here.

Now say cheese!

Busy. Busy busy busy. That was the word that kept coming out on his camera. But I think the camera was as happy as the owner!

These are probably the first white Christmas trees I`ve ever seen, but I was so into the colors that I wouldn`t leave them! 

 Now finally, here comes our greeting!

Thank you for all your visits to A Box of Kitchen this year (and the years before too, probably), which I truly appreciate, and we wish you a very happy, delicious, and successful 2013!