Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!

It`s January 1, 10 pm in Japan and I hope it`s not too late or too early (is there any place where it`s still Dec 31, 2010?) to greet you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!
Year 2010 gave me so many memorable events and moments for these reasons:
1. I (finally) graduated (after all those years)
2. I (finally) turned 30 (oooopsss..!)
3. I got married
4. I fell in love with cooking
5. I started writing this blog

I`m sure you too have your own precious moments last year (and before that too) and let`s wish for more great moments to come in our lives!

As for our New Year`s celebration, we didn`t exactly doing any celebration. My kitchen still needs to get fixed, but water already stopped dropping for now at least. On New Year`s eve, we actually had our dinner outside and each of us had a bowl of beef udon. Back home and when it was nearly 11 pm, he said he was hungry (again!).
So I checked out the fridge and I`ve got wonton skins, which I bought before the kitchen incident, some cheese, and canned tuna. Alright, wonton pizza it is!

Crunch crunch crunch! Yes, I`m shamelessly showing you what we had for our New Year`s eve. This is not a festive treat, but definitely a delish one, I tell you. Very quick to whip up too! Crunch!

So, how was your New Year`s party??


  1. I just love how versatile wonton skins are!This look delicious.

  2. Very creative party food!

    My biggest achievement last year? Giving birth to lil' Marcus ^_^

    Cheers to more good things to come!

  3. I wish to you 2011 to give you even more happiness and new experiences!

  4. Alisa: You`re right, they`re just fantastic!

    Rita: I have no experience on that but giving birth is indeed one HUGE achievement!

    Katerina: Thank you! Happy New Year and same wishes to you too!

  5. very lovely blog with such yummy recipes...I'm following you for sure!
    happy new year may you achieve lots more this year!

  6. Crunch and YUM! This is just the kind of crispy tidbit that I can't stop how resourceful abd delish this looks. Happy New Year!!

  7. Lila: hello, happy new year! thanks for visiting and your warm comment! i checked out your page and your photos are absolutely stunning. love the quotes too!

    Bentobird: happy new year! the crunchiness is just wonderful!