Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wonton pizza

I was craving for pizza. Recently, we had a medium chicken pizza from Pizza Hut and with the price, I thought that was quite a fancy meal for us. Then, when the craving hit me again (no, I`m not pregnant, I`m just hungry all the time), I remembered watching a TV show about what you can do more with microwave and toaster. One of them is gyouza skin toast. Gyouza is sauteed and steamed Japanese dumpling and the skin is similar with wonton`s. The TV lady showed some stuff like peanut butter or jam for the topping on the qyouza`s skin toast. So I figured, this should work like pizza! Even better, with thinner and crispier skin. Then, here they are, wonton skins spread with tomato ketchup and mayonnaise and topped with tuna, grated cheese, and mushroom.

After baking at 200 C for 15 minutes, sure enough, the adorable mini pizza! Look how small and crunchy they are! I think this can be a really good tidbits for your party. Tried with banana and chocolate and they were good too. Go explore the shop and your kitchen and you probably will find interesting stuffs for the topping.

And by the way, it`s powdered seaweed I sprinkled on top. I just got a bag of seaweed with a very good price and I love it!And most importantly, these babies are way cheaper (and lighter) than the one we ordered online ;)


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