Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The unplanned green trip to Akiu waterfall

I`m never a spontaneous person when it comes to trips, but last weekend I apparently turned into one.  And this is why. We were actually planning to make a different trip, but my carelessness (ah!) in checking out the bus schedule has made us cancel the trip. Feeling reluctant to go home or go around the city, we headed to the tourism information center at the central station and got a bunch of pamphlets there to see other goable places.
Then, considering the transportation possibility, we found another good destination, which was Akiu waterfall  that locates about 1.5 hours by bus from where we live. Although this scenic spot is famously known for its beauty during the autumn with the red-yellow-orange colored leaves surrounding the already gorgeous waterfall, I don`t think seeing there all in green is a deal breaker at all.
Anyway, after fueled up with lunch, we hopped on the bus feeling both excited and nervous about our trip.

And we finally got there! The gate and the gargoyles. Welcome!

Oh wait, I was so sleepy after the long bus riding I needed the caffeine boost first.

And we`re back entering the complex and soon finding this shrine.

The walkway down to the waterfall area. I could  hear the water splash already from here.

And there it was, the Akiu waterfall. It wasn`t as big as what we`ve expected, but it`s simply beautiful.

Daydreaming at the viewing deck.

We then took a forest walk. His idea, of course. My first time. Ever. And I was a total chicken there. Please don`t mock me.

Oh, there is a small soba and udon restaurant at the entrance of the forest. Love all the colors here!

Alright, to the forest. I held my camera tight while trying to forget my fears and to concentrate more on enjoying all the beauties.

Like this, don`t you call this as a beauty? I felt like I was pulled inside a painting.


Although I finally enjoyed taking pictures in the all-green-and-brown forest, I couldn`t help feeling relieved when we finally made our way out  and reached the main road again. The normal road, only packed with lots of greens.

Beware of bears, it says. But he just grabbed my hand and pulled me to keep walking with him. We`re lucky we didn`t meet any throughout the way!

Peeping down from the walkway, there it was the basin. With a girl posing like a mermaid on a rock.

After walked and walked and walked, we were finally there!
Getting distracted with the lady? Just think of her as the part of the nature then. And as a matter of fact, she really is! By the way, I somehow still insist that this is a different waterfall considering the height, but the sign indicates the same name and all the info I could get mentioning only one waterfall here. Weird. Or maybe I`m the one who is weird.

The picture above and this one below are actually his shots. L-O-V-E!!!

The other side of the basin. Very calm and relaxing.

With the waterfall and the forest, and not to mention the sore legs from all the walk, I felt like a real hiker. But a trip is not a trip without buying some souvenirs. That`s just my nature and I shouldn`t fight it.

He bought these luckycharm keyholders (our favorite animals: cat for him, cow for me) for each of us. His charm wishes the good luck to come and the bad luck to go away. Mine wishes I can spend my days happily and cheerfully. I`m neither a believer nor a superstitious person, but I do think this kind of stuff represents a very nice gesture as you wish all the good things for the person you gave.

And, the souvenirs include FOOD. So I got these fresh blueberries! Yippie!

The popular summer treat in Japan: soft (ice) cream. Not a real souvenir, though, since he finished it up like in 5 mins after he got it.

We`re deeply exhausted, but totally satisfied and happy with the wonderful adventure. Time to go home.

But since the bus hasn`t arrived yet, let me devour the other kind of beauty on earth.

Hope you enjoyed this exhaustively long post!


  1. Oh my, you certainly did get some amazing shots. I love this post, so many good photos I can't choose a favorite. Funny how you are afraid of the forrest. I feel that way in the mountains...not comfortable at all, yes they are beautiful, but I get a funny feeling. You see I'm a beach girl and really like all that open space. :D

    The souvenirs are so nice, and a must for any trip.

  2. great shots!!!! i was there too a long, long time ago... natsukashiiiii :)

  3. Thanks!! The scenery is already gorgeous itself and all I did was pushing the button :D

    Iis: This was my first time visiting there, can you believe it?!

  4. ohhh...awesome ...thanx for the lively tour..
    fantastic clics...hats off..:))
    Tasty Appetite