Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cucumber agua fresca

We`re currently having burning, if not smoking, hot days here. The temperature hasn`t been moving from 33 or 35 Celcius for days, and on top of that, we don`t have an air conditioner in our apartment. Do we have trees outside our building? Nope. Big fat no. I`m very sad to say that we live in an area where trees are almost invisible and where most of the buildings are equipped with air conditioners that release hot air outside and makes the ambient temperature even higher!
So, in our biggest need of refreshment, I came across on a post showing a very appealing drink recipe at Simply Recipes. Thank you, Elise! Finding out how easy to make the drink, I headed to the store that very day and got all the ingredients, except for the lime, which I substituted with lemon. Not that we don`t have limes here, but lemons are far more budget-friendly to me at the moment.

And before I continue with the step by step, you might want to prepare your glass now, because this drink will be ready in a matter of minutes!
Glass in your hand? Good.

Trim off both ends of cucumbers, cut up, and put in a blender.

Then, add this beautiful, beautiful mint leaves. Beautiful. 
Smell is really good too! Fact: I`m crazy about anything minty.

Can I say it once more? Beautiful. Thank you.

Spritz in lemon juice. I actually added the pulp too.
Oh, I feel refreshed already.

And last ingredient is, honey. Or you can just use sugar, though.
I just think that lemon and honey marry perfectly.

Oh, we`re forgetting water! Alright, last ingredient (for real), water. I don`t really add too much water because the ice cubes we`ll add later will dilute the drink and make it less concentrated. But this is always about preference, so you should have fun with adjusting the composition until you get it right.
Go whiz up. Whizzzzzzz.....whizzzzzzzzz....

Alright, now here comes the confession. In other recipes for this agua fresca including Elise`s, the puree needs to be pushed through a sieve to get a solid-free liquid, but my husband and I prefer having the whole puree that still has some crunchiness of the cucumbers.
Whichever style you`d choose, pour the drink in the glass you`ve been faithfully holding, and add some ice cubes. Or, you can do it reversely by placing the ice in the glass first before pouring the drink over.


The fresca name really comes for a reason as this drink is incredibly refreshing! And addictive too! He said he wants some more, so I made it again. Two days in a row. That`s how thirsty we are.

2 medium sized cucumbers
A handful of mint leaves
Lemon juice from 1 medium sized lemon
3 tbs honey
350 ml water
Ice cubes


  1. This looks really interesting and very refreshing! The glass looks so colourful and cool!!

  2. This drinks looks goooood! I'm going to give it a try after buying cucumbers. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  3. Such a pretty drink. I love a bit of texture, so I'd go for the crunchy option too!

  4. aduh syeger bangetttt. this has got to be super refreshing! I will copy copy :D