Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tofu rolls

I`m losing track on how often I get inspired-and of course, hungry-after reading fabulous posts on Jun`s blog. These tofu rolls for instance, was what came in my mind after a post on her beautifully baked spring rolls. Baked, everyone. Not fried. So, that left me no reason for not making the rolls. Have I told you how I always avoid deep-frying in my kitchen the best I can?
I initially intended to give it a try with the regular ready-to-use spring rolls skins, but then I wondered on the possibility of using fried tofu skin instead. And seaweed paper. And..oh let`s just scroll down the mouse.

So here`s how I made the rolls.
First thing first. Heat a bit of oil on a pan and saute your favorite choice of fish.
Fish fillet would work great here, but I used salted salmon still with  some bones attached. But the bones are relatively few and large, so removing them later would not be such a problem.
If fish isn`t your thing, just use  meat instead, or just omit the animal protein  completely if you want the rolls to be a whole-plant based diet.

Now, if you go with the fish, wait until the meat is cooked and then break apart with a spatula until it turned into flakes. And by the way, doing this is a lot easier when the fish is cooked through.
One important thing is, you need to remove all visible bones-I use chopsticks-before adding the next ingredients. Believe me, getting choked up with fish bones is no joke at all. If you serve these to kids and removing fish bones take too much time of yours, just go with fish fillet and your life will be easier.

After the fish, now throw in carrots and stir well.

And this is konnyaku noodle, with lots of fibers in it. And almost zero calories. Nice.
According to the package, the konnyaku needs to be blanched in boiling water to remove the alkaline smell. I actually don`t really have problem with the smell, but I just quickly soak it in hot water anyway and drain it.

Toss the noodle in.

Season with soy sauce, sugar (or mirin), vinegar, salt, and pepper. And if you`re happy with it, that means the fillings are done!

Now, the wrapping.
I hope you can find this kind of fried tofu at your place. If your fried tofu is thin enough to  roll, then you`re ready to go with the wrapping. But if you think it`s too thick-like what mine was-, cut throughout the edge open with a scissor and carefully pull it open with your hands, as if you`re flipping  open a book page, to make a  rectangular tofu skin that is half thinner and twice wider now.
Please don`t say you`re confused because sadly this is the only picture I`ve got, and worse, I have no better way  in explaining it verbally. So, fingers crossed, you all are good.

Now the seaweed paper. Cut it to make a roughly same size of sheet with the tofu skin.

Now get a sheet of tofu skin with the fried side down and then place the seaweed paper onto it. Arrange the fillings on the seaweed and spread it evenly along the edge.

Start rolling, tuck in the fillings, and continue rolling up.

I thought letting the rolls unsealed would cost me a nasty disaster, but these tofu skins behaved pretty nicely once they`re rolled. 

Bake them in 200 C for 15 mins or until the skins are all crisped up.

The rolls are done! 
You can cut them up into smaller pieces before serving. I actually tried to cut a roll into halves before baking them and they turned out alright too.

The rolls are crisp on the outside with chewy-thanks to the noodle-, and crunchy-thanks to the carrots- fillings inside. Lovely! I served them with soy sauce and a pinch of wasabi salt as I`m running out of my wasabi paste. Oh, that didn`t bother me at all, though. These rolls made my Sunday rock and roll!

Enjoy your weekend!

Fried tofu skin
Seaweed paper
Salted salmon
Soy sauce
Sugar or mirin

Bake at 200 C for 15 mins

Soy sauce
Wasabi salt


  1. ohmygoodnessgracious! fantastic idea. I dont think I can find these tofu sheets here.. :( but I'll try looking around more...or replace with beancurd paper and pan fry...

  2. アイデアありがとう!やって見る。。。

  3. 作ってみてくださいね^^ Moga2 suka dengan hasilnya :)