Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yaki udon (fried udon)

I love, love, love noodles. The Asian pasta, I call them. Aren`t they? And in Japan, although many people I know choose soba noodles as their favorites, udon  noodles are what I love the most. First time I had a bowl of tenpura udon in a canteen, I was surprised to see how thick the noodles were. But I was even more surprised at how smooth and lovely the texture was. And the chewiness, oh! I fell in love instantly that day.
As a noodle lover, fried noodles are what I often make in the kitchen, especially when I need some quick and easy meal. And this fried udon, is simply a winner with its simplicity.

Although udon noodles are usually thick, I use the thin ones for the fried noodles as I think  the sauce will seep better into the noodles.
Also, I always season the boiled noodles using my hands before I cook them - the noodles, not my hands - on the stove. I found this method makes my life easier since the noodles get evenly coated quicker and easier. You can try using chopsticks or tongs for this, but I think using hands is simply the best.
And this is where my udon noodles were already coated with soy sauce, kecap manis,  sesame oil, fish sauce, cayenne pepper, ginger (powder), coriander, salt, and pepper.

Heat a pan without oil in it and saute thinly sliced beef until they look done.

Mushrooms. I just can`t imagine what I`d do without them. Slice`em up.

And toss in.

Now comes in the seasoned noodles. Stir well.
You can add some more sauce and adjust the taste if you think you need to.

And to give extra less-guilt effect - don`t forget the mushrooms -, toss in sliced cabbage. That`s it? Well, it depends, the more guilty you feel about it, the more veggies you need to throw in. Oh, I`m kidding. More veggies will be GREAT! Cabbage was the only vegetable I had, but I usually add some bean sprouts and carrot too. They sure add a wonderful crunch to the dish.
Stir a while and then put a lid on the pan to help steam the cabbage (or other veggies you add in). Be careful not to leave it unstirred too long, though, because the noodles with the sauce coating easily get scorched. That`s why at this step I usually cook it on low heat.

As you can see, it`s sinfully greasy (and delish!). I won`t deny it.  But when I can`t stand with my cravings anymore, this is what I indulge in.
Happy eating!

Soy sauce
Kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)
Sesame oil
Fish sauce
Cayenne pepper


  1. Ohhh your Yaki Udon looks delicious! Oh I've been looking for the chili topping but I haven't been able to find it here. I asked my mom in Japan and she also said she couldn't find. I saw some Ramen store doing that here, and I wanted to decorate just exactly how you decorated. Isn't that cool? I need to find it somewhere.

  2. this really makes me drool! :)