Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcoming our new family member!

No, we don`t have a baby (yet). And we don`t have pets (yet, maybe) either.
I know I should be writing about the other 2 recipes from my previous post, but we have a  happy news from our house and I`d really like to introduce it to you in this non-cooking random post.

About two years ago, my husband, who is totally crazy about motorbikes and whose dream is to be a racer (no, no, noooo!), finally bought himself a sport bike, Suzuki GSX-R1100. Not exactly the model/type he`s always wanted, but that was what he could afford back then. Even so, he loved it. Very much. We even named it. Boomboom (Bumbum in Indonesian spelling) as that`s how we interpreted the engine sound when it run. So yes, Boomboom was sort of the third member in our family.

You might think that I enjoyed riding with him on the passenger seat. But truth is, NO. I only rode with him several times and I was scared to death every time he made a right or left turn and tilted the bike so low making my knee almost touching the road (let alone his own knee as his seat is lower than mine!). When I complained about it, he said there`s no other way to do the turning. He simply couldn`t understand why I didn`t enjoy the riding.
Oh well, I`m so much more a bicycle person after all. Or a walking person. So I was  more than happy to let him ride it without me. Everyone`s happy.

Then, half a year ago, for some reasons, he had to sell it away. And this was Boomboom when it was picked up by the buyer. What a gloomy night it was! He was so sad. Even I felt sad too. We (I) used to see it everyday at the parking lot of our apartment and  then it`s gone. 
Goodbye, Boomboom...

But after the goodbye, finally came the welcome. It`s his other dream motorbike, which isn`t just a dream anymore. And luckily, a much more rideable one for me.  Of course, by ride I mean sitting on the back. Bicycle is the only vehicle I can handle, if you must know.  Go mock away as you like.

Anyway, let me introduce you to...our new family member...(drumroll)....
BOOBOO! (or Bubu, my version)
Or... still, Boomboom! (his version)

It`s Honda Super Cub 110! The picture is from Honda`s website as I still haven`t taken picture of his own bike, which has a basket at the front. Wooohoooo...can`t wait for our shopping days! The backseat for me won`t be placed until the end of this month, so I haven`t actually ridden it. But I`m so excited! Love you already, Booboo!


  1. Oh how cute is that?! I know how you feel my husbands used to work in a bike shop and they would often go for long rides on Sundays and wondered why I didn't go along or have my own bike. He had a vintage Kawasaki (he used to race motorcycles) and had it refurbished. Now he has his own shop and works on jet skis...his first love!

    Enjoy your new addition!

  2. Hi Lindsey, thanks! My husband said that his choice of motorcycles seems to have been "degrading" from cool to cute, lol!
    Your husband was a racer?? Wow! Then maybe I should talk to you for a comfort if ever my husband becomes one :D