Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Upcoming post(s): A plate of celebration

I`m back! After what...6 months? Oh well, 3 weeks maybe..but it sure did feel like ages.
This is my first time having an "upcoming post" and the reason is, it`s almost 1:30 AM here and I don`t want to be late for work (again). So, for now, I hope you don`t mind me giving this spoiler post and I promise I`ll share the step-by-step recipes later. If you don`t hear me again within this week, please, feel free to scream at remind me.
So here`s the story. We actually have been delaying to celebrate our (err...his) big achievements due to a pile reasons involving the quake and the forgetfulness (I know!). This year (technically, this March) he finally finished his undergrad study, started his Master, and...this is probably the most relieving news for us, he got the full scholarship. Phewww!
And today I somehow remembered about us still not having the celebration. By celebration, I mean cook a lot and EAT a lot, and by a lot, I mean 3 kinds of dishes. When I got home at 7 pm and with one  (one!) stove in my mini kitchen, I should be realistic and yes, 3 dishes was what I could do best.

So, here they are:
1. Herbed rice
I`ve planned to cook whatsocalled nasi kuning, or literally means yellow rice. The rice is cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, hence resulting the vivid yellowness. But I ended up making some tweaks with it and you`ll see later why I call it herbed rice instead of its original name. Or you probably can guess already from the picture.

2.  Spiced chicken stew
Believe it or not (especially for those of you who know him in person), this recipe  basically came from him. I`m serious. So, one day I got back from a 3-day trip for a conference and he already made me Indonesian style (aka. spiced) fried chicken at home. What a lovely surprise! Despite my fear of looking closely how he has used our (nope, my!) kitchen and the equipments, I was incredibly impressed with the chicken (and him, of course!). After getting the recipe from him, I added this and that and the chicken turned out to be a non-fried version as I didn`t have time for frying.

3. Stir fried fish and potato with sambal
I just feel somehow the rice and the chicken wouldn`t be right without sambal on their sides. Or, should I say, I think my life will go wrong without sambal on my plate.

The final spoiler, here`s how the celebration came!

See you soon!


  1. Hi Arudhi! Congratulations on your husband's full scholorship! Whoo hooo! Your meal looks delicious! I just learned about Sambal at someone's blog (forgot which one). It's like Japanese ojako? Your meal looks so delicious and can't wait to see the recipe! ;-)

  2. wow!!! looks yummy! congrats to A (and you)!

  3. Iis: Halo jeng, thanks a lot!! :)))

    Nami: Thanks! Yes, probably the fish sambal can relate to Ojako, although the sambal turns it into a spicy version.