Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fried gnocchi with tuna cheese sauce

When I`m super hungry yet super lazy to chop or peel anything, a pack of (almost expired) gnocchi in my kitchen will look like a treasure. It IS a treasure. I do have pasta (almost expired too), but boiling seems too long for my growling stomach. 
By the way, this has nothing to do with the gnocchi, but I can`t help wondering if everyone in this planet plays Angry Birds except me? My husband seems unable to leave those poor cute pigs alone and I keep telling him that there should be another game called Angry Wife. Are you with me?
Ah yes, gnocchi. One thing I love about gnocchi is the versatility in cooking them. For the speediness, I chose shallow-frying them. Or searing maybe?
Heat a bit of oil, dump the gnocchi on a frying pan, and brown them. 

Wait, toss, wait, and toss. Alright, this is brown (and good) enough for me. 

Set aside the browned gnocchi on a plate.Alright, you can eat one. One.

Now this is another life saver in our house. I feel terribly sad if we run out of this canned tuna and I forgot to buy the new stock.

Dump in the whole tuna flakes to the frying pan used for frying gnocchi before. If, just if, you happen to use too much oil to fry the gnocchi, just wipe off the excess oil from the pan. I don`t know how canned tuna in other countries looks like , but I assume it has enough oil already in the can.
For seasoning, I added garlic powder (knife-free day, everyone), cayenne pepper, black pepper, oregano, and nutmeg. Salt? Nah.

Because we`re adding lots and lots of cheese sauce here. Yes, cheese sauce from a jar.  From the store. Did I tell you that this time it`s all about lazy, speedy, easy, and yummy?
If you`re a hard worker, though, you might want to try out this cheese sauce recipe

A tablespoon of tomato ketchup is wonderful too. Stir the love potion.

 And throw in the gnocchi. Oh-la-la, I`m falling in love already.

It`s chewy and cheesy with "Mmmmm..." sound in every bite. 
And after a plate of it, the Angry Wife turns into a Happy Pig Bird.

Canned tuna
Cheese sauce
Garlic powder
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper
Tomato ketchup


  1. I love gnocchi too and the tuna sauce looks divine!

  2. Thanks! I`m really glad to find gnocchi here :D

  3. Arudhi, to be honest, I was never interested in gnocchi before, until your post. I have tried at a restaurant (more like I got a bite from someone's dish), but it was just unfamiliar thing for me. But the picture of gnocchi being fried, they look so cute and look so yummy. You made the sauce so easily too. I should give this a try. I miss Japanese tuna can. Somehow I feel it tastes better than American one. I once in a while buy Japanese brand although it's a little more expensive. :-)