Friday, October 15, 2010

Tiramisu wannabe

Ladyfingers??? Where can I find them??
Those were my questions days ago when I was looking at several recipes for tiramisu. I was about to forget about making tiramisu from scratch until I finally came up with this.

"Yeah, this should work", I thought. And in fact, it did!
I won`t say that toast can be a good substitute for ladyfinger because honestly, although I had tiramisu from cake shops before, I don`t know what ladyfinger tastes like in the first place. But if you need to kill your curiousity on my weirdness, give it a try and let your taste buds do their jobs.

So, remove the bread crust (if any), cut up the bread into sticks, and bake them at 180 C for 15 minutes. Set aside.

Next, whisk egg yolks and sugar in a mixing bowl until the colors turns into pale yellow

Heat up water in a pot which your mixing bowl can fit in without being completely soaked. Simmer the water and place your bowl on it. Softly whisk up the batter. Be careful not to splatter water in it.

After 5 minutes, the batter will be more thick, creamy, and pale.  Cool it down or keep it in fridge for a while.

Now let`s work on the cream. Start with cream cheese. Actually there`s nothing to do with this one, except letting it softened at room temperature and stirring it until it gets softer.

Whipped cream, on the other hand, is the real work. And before I continue, here is an important message from my cream carton.
"Put your mixing bowl in a bigger bowl filled with ice cubes while whipping the cream"
I`m a follower, but I hate to waste my ice cubes. So here`s what I used instead.
Ice cubes in bag (their real bag) and my cold pillow.
Okay, the latter one sounds controversial. It`s actually a cooling gel designed as a pillow to combat the heat in summer, which is a very cool item to have! 

Okay, enough about the pillow, back to the cream.
Pour in heavy cream to a mixing bowl, add sugar, and start whipping with your mixer. Start with low speed unless you don`t mind having your face and clothes covered with liquid cream (speaking from experience).
Keep mixing until your cream can form a stiff peak. I sometimes have fun playing with the peaks and forget for a while that I`m in the middle of something.

Now dump in the softened cream cheese and mix them up. I actually only used my spatula at this step and I got so many cream cheese chunks in my tiramisu. So using mixer should be better if you want a real smooth cream.
Take out your custard-like egg cream from the fridge and dump it into the cream mixture. Mix them up with spatula until everything combined. Now your cream is done.

Ooops..almost forgot coffee. Very strong coffee or espresso are recommended in most recipes I read. But I used regular instant coffee and dilute it with this instead of water:

It`s my childhood butterscotch candy in a drink. Y-u-m-m-y.
And I was happy to find that the mixture of coffee and this caramel-tasted drink turned out great.

Prepare a casserole dish and arrange your toast sticks into a layer. Don`t worry about the size differences.

Spoon the coffee mixture over all toasts, but only to wet them, not soak them. Apparently the toast could absorb liquid more than I thought. New things to learn everyday, indeed!

After done with the toast, place a dollop of the cream and spread it evenly all over the toasts. Add some more if you like. You`re the king (or queen!), so go wild!

Now this is fun. Sprinkle the cocoa! I could feel my heart beating faster looking at the cocoa slowly coloring the cream.The tiramisu is coming out already!

Oh my...

Alright...done with the first layer. Now continue making the second layer. Start over again from arranging the toasts...

Wet them with coffee, cover with cream, and sprinkle cocoa.

Mine only had two layers so I stopped at this step. If you have a bigger dish, some more layers will be great too!
Keep it in fridge for 3 hours and serve.


....this is heaven (aka. sugar, fat, and happiness) in my mouth. 

Please drag me out to get some exercise right now!


5 egg yolks
25 g sugar for egg cream
200 mL heavy cream
15 g sugar for whipped cream
150 g cheese cream
4 sheets of breads, cut into sticks, and baked
400 ml coffee mixture
cocoa powder for sprinkle

*for 20 x 20 x 6-cm casserole dish


  1. i used to get ladyfingers from the shop at eki that sells international products (i don't remember the name now, of course).

  2. really??! will check on that next time. here I was thinking to make it from scratch, haha! makasih yaaa

  3. Hi girl. I love your blog. I cannot believe you really develop it to be such informative. Whenever I look at your blog, I feel hungry no matter how much lunch I have had.