Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Avocado smoothie

When it comes to avocado, I can be a very annoying picky eater that you`ll regret for offering me a plate of avocado salad or avocado sushi. "I want avocado smoothie!". That`s what you will hear from me.
Perhaps this stubbornness of mine came out from 23 years living in a place where people only have avocado as smoothie. Smoothie only. ONLY.
Here in Japan, I almost choked when I was watching cooking program on TV showing avocado in salad, sushi, hamburger (hamburger!), stir-fried dishes, ....and many other dishes, but not in desserts whatsoever. At the beginning, I kept disagreeing on using that fruit (yes, my mind calls it fruit) for dishes. But now I just watch and watch and watch. No complaint, although I still think that I would love it better as smoothie. I know I should have a try on them (avocado dishes), but maybe later.

I know there`s a very little chance (probably zero chance!) that you don`t how to make avocado smoothie, but I`ll just share the recipe anyway. This smoothie is super easy and quick to make yet it has a very rewarding deliciousness.

Cut the avocado lengthwise into halves and remove the seed out.

Scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

If you use a stick blender like I do, grab a measuring cup or glass or anything your blender can fit in to nicely. Consider about the smoothie`s volume you want to get when choosing your container. In my case, I used 2 (my) palm-sized avocados and I made about 500 ml smoothies.

Place the avocado flesh into your cup, add sugar (or honey for a healthier choice), and milk.

Put in your blender and start pureeing the mixture.

Now is time to adjust the sweetness and texture. I didn`t have any avocados left so I added a very low amount of milk. That way, my smoothie won`t get too watery and in fact, it was very thick at the beginning.Then I added some more milk in batches until the texture is fine for me.

Sadly, adding more milk means more sugar as well.

Keep adjusting until you get it right.

By right I mean you touch it with your finger, lick it, and say "YUM!"

And this is the final touch, which is very important for me. Chocolate syrup. Or sweet condensed chocolate milk. Or melted chocolate bar. Anything liquid tastes chocolate and sweet will do fine.

 I`m drooling now.


  1. Hey thr,
    Thanx for visiting my space n I'm gald it helped you in whatever way it could! I normally photograph in natural light but I can share some info on artificial lights if you want. Probably once i do enough research n try some gears myself I'll be in a better position to write abt it but you can anytime as for any info if you want.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by and for the offer!
    I`d definitely love to learn more about manipulating the light. Most of articles I read saying NO to flash. But I just keep breaking the rules as my kitchen is windowless and the light is a bit dim. Tripod is not an option either as the working space is only enough for me.
    Looking forward to reading your next posts! Thank you! :)

  3. yum! jus alpukat ^_^ sinful but who can resist? so rich and delish