Monday, January 14, 2013

Snowy January

Our day started when I opened the curtain and saw this through our window. It is one to zero degree (Celcius) here and we`re having a freezing snowy holiday.

I don`t usually get excited when the snow falls, but since it seems like we won`t have snowy winter this much again (or probably, at all) in Shizuoka, I quickly changed, grabbed my point-and-shoot, wore my rain boots (yes, those are all I`ve got) and headed outside to the winter wonderland enjoying every steps on the fresh layers of snow flakes.

This is where we usually get our daily groceries.

This lady was not the only person who was brave and skillful enough to ride a bicycle under this kind of weather. I barely could walk straight with the snow going inside my eyes, let alone riding something!

When I walked home thinking about making soup for dinner, I realized that I wanted to share a list of dishes I`ve made that might be good for cold days, although you can find them through my Recipe list. Some of the recipes, especially the old ones, don`t have measurements for the ingredients (yet I still call them "recipes"), but hopefully the images can still give you the ideas for making your own version of soup.

Here they are!


Now get your spoon and have a happy slurpy soup day!


  1. seriusan, apa yg lo posting slalu bikin ngiler,mbaaaak!! ajarin gw dong cara foto makanan yg bagus, foto2 gw jelek2 mulu, apa gw masaknya kaga indah yah.. hahaha.. :D

    1. ah bisa aja neng rachma ini, wong tinggal jepret2 doang kok :D udah pernah liat2 foodgawker? disitu banyak foto2 makanan yg bagus2 lho, dah gitu suka ada yang kasih tutorial food photography. rachma juga posting resep/foto makanan kah di blognya?

  2. My mouth waters when looking at all these home made food, especially the Kimchii soup, Tumeric Beef Soup, Chicken Pot pie, Oxtail soup and Tomato Hot Pot. So nice <3

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    1. Hi Lady G, thanks! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do here!

  3. I can imagine the damage cased by the snow to the vehicles. It is not that we just dust it off and drive again.