Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hanami: Part 2 (Ogawara-machi)

To extend the sakura stories from my previous post, these are some photos from our sakura trip at Ogawara-machi, a place famous for its sakura sightseeing spot located about 30 km to the south from Sendai. 

First thing first. Breakfast. Nope, brunch. We had this brunch near the station where we would depart.

Carbs, checked. Protein, checked. Fat, checked and checked. 
I overate. Not a good start for a long-walk trip, but ready to go now!

We went there by train and the one-way trip took about 30 min from Sendai Station.

When the train was approaching the Ogawara area, we could see the sakura trees already lining up beautifully. 


This is what we have expected to see when we got there. It was Saturday, sunny, and very warm. Although the sakura season is almost over, that kind of weather certainly attracted many people to visit this place.

Ah. He`s already busy there.

And look what he saw up there!

I think this is the most loved spot at Ogawara. As far as you can see along the river bank is sakura, sakura, and sakura. I`m so glad I finally have this picture here.

Now this is what hanami is all about. Enjoying the food with your loved ones surrounded by the beauty.

Looks very cozy there, doesn`t it?

But we weren`t there for a picnic, so we kept walking. Calorie-burning and cardio-walking. And photographing. We walked for about 4 hours and took a 30-min rest for a light lunch.

Here`s what we`ve got from the rest of our walk and hereafter I`ll let the pictures tell the story to you themselves. 


The sun was setting down and we finally had to end the trip and catch the train home. 
It was a very, very amazing trip.
Before this trip, the last time I visited this place was three years ago where I happened to meet a guy I knew before. We talked for like a minute and just like that, I had a crush on him and our story begins from there. Now we are happily married and that`s what hanami and Ogawara-machi mean to me.

See you next year, lovely sakura!


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