Monday, September 19, 2011

Cosmos meadow at Yakurai Garden-Part 1

I know my blog is running slow at the moment and it seems to me that with less cooking-related posts and more outdoor adventures going on, this supposed-to-be food blog is turning into a travel blog.  I actually don`t mind if that really happens, but I`m somehow sure that there will be more posts on food coming on.
So, bear with me again and I hope you enjoy the pictures we took on our visit to Yakurai Garden. And since there are too many pictures to share in one post, I decided to put the close-up pictures in a separate post (Part 2).

On the way to the garden, we passed these beautiful paddy fields under the perfect sky and I tapped his shoulder asking him to stop the bike. Just look at these, how could I not stop here??

This is me crouching over to get a closer look at...

...these precious rice stalks that have been feeding me for my whole life.

After another hour riding or so, the garden, finally. As what the garden`s homepage promised us, we could see meadows of cosmos with heavenly colors of red, pink, violet, orange, and white. The peak season is between this month and October and that might explain why the greens partly still dominate the view. But I had nothing to complain about. 

With these candy-colored flowers cheerfully seated over the green grassy stems, why should I?

And I was so thrilled to see the blue sky full of clouds above. For those of you who haven`t known me well, I`m a cloud freak. I do love blue skies, but add white fluffy clouds to them and you`ll find me shamelessly screaming while busy recording the moments with my camera. 
These clouds, they look ridiculously very near to the ground, don`t they?

There`s no flower here, but I think the colors filling in this place is equally gorgeous as those in the meadows. 

The sun was setting down and we got to take these backlit pictures before going home. 

Love this silhouetted stalks!

Coming right up with the next post for the close-ups!


  1. Beautiful fields and incredible photos! The cosmos meadow remind me of my grandmother, who used to have lots of these in her garden...

  2. I forget Japan has these beautiful places... thanks for sharing these photos. Although I want to visit and see with my eyes I know that it's impossible and I may not be able to visit in the I really enjoy your photos very much!

  3. Sissi: Thanks, Sissi! I do hope the photos bring back the good memories of your grandmother :)

    Nami: Thanks, Nami! Japan has a lot to offer, indeed! I still can`t believe I took my 6 years before for granted by not exploring the places. Anyway, hopefully I can keep sharing the views with you! :)