Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunflower field in Osaki

So this is where we`ve been for one of our dates in this summer. We took a motorcycle ride for 30 km to the north to get to a wide open space with green, yellow, and blue all over the place.

Sunflowers were everywhere we looked. That 1-hour long ride under the burning sun was totally payed off here.

Alright, if you were at this place, what would you do other than taking pictures like crazy? Tell me.

Not adoring these gorgeous ladies is a crime. And not taking pictures of them  is even a bigger crime.

I have no idea what I was doing there, but it is possible that I thought I could communicate with them.

Meh. Maybe not.
And fyi, I`m 156 cm tall and that`s not enough to compete with most of those flowers.

And this lil` boy just wouldn`t leave me alone.

What`s on your mind when you look at this?
Me, I want to eat it! Oh, just look at that vivid yellowness.

And here`s the last one, before going home.

And no, I didn`t eat any of them, in case you`re about to scream at me.
Hope you enjoyed the virtual trip with us!


  1. lovely! i miss this place, i don't remember the flowers being that tall though... growth hormone? LOL

  2. hahaha, no idea! probably that`s just me who lacked of GH :p

  3. omg so gorgeous! i'm 154cm and would be lost amidst all those sunflowers