Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blossoming hopes

We had a date on a perfectly beautiful Sunday.

It`s him, my date.

And my faithful shopping partner, who always lets me put things in his bag.

 I have never admired sakura this much before. Really.

This is simply beauty on earth and I hope it can bring back the smile, hopes, and strength to people.


A date won`t be perfect without something sweet. Lucky us, we had two free coupons for crepes with ice cream. Sweet and free. Just perfect.

We are indeed blessed with a perfect life.

P.S. Please don`t count how many times I said "perfect" in this post ;)


  1. The sakura blossoms are gorgeous...! We have them here in Germany too, but the trees tend to be shorter (at least the ones I have seen so far). I think plum blossoms are slightly more common here, they're very pretty too, the blossoms are dark pink, with a slight purple hue.

  2. Sometimes life has its way to show us that little things are important and give us happiness! Beautiful trees and beautiful crepes!

  3. CG: Waaaah..I want to see how they look at your place! Must be beautiful!

    Katerina: That`s really true. I felt great just looking at them!

  4. A very nice post! Let's not forget to count the wonderful things we've got to experience in life. Many greetings!

  5. Huggggsssss!! Wish we could have a picnic together here :(( you and me, happily eating and gossiping together :p