Sunday, February 27, 2011

A shoe, two cats, and chicken teriyaki donburi

Don`t know why, but I`m in the mood in showing you pictures (taken by us) other than food.

Like this one. I just love the autumn colors. And the pine cone too. Always got tempted to bring some home, but don`t know what to do with them.
What was my foot doing there? No idea. I just felt like putting it there. I hope showing leg or feet is not an offensive thing in any cultures, though.

And this one, where we found one fat stray cat in the park sitting proudly for the picture session. The way he sits just cracked me up and we`re pretty sure that it`s not his tail on his left (my left) bottom.

Or this one, where a sweet little cat was willing to sit quietly for me. These cats in the park are really good models, I tell you.

And this is the best shot I got.
I hadn`t had the gut to turn my camera button into Manual mode. And I`m not a tripod user too, even in this kind of lighting situation. So yes, this is the best one came from the worst technique.

So I just can`t help taking picture of food. Like this. Sukiya`s chicken teriyaki ricebowl with onsen tamago for topping.

Well, let`s just call it my random thoughts. And no ingredients this time.


  1. Look at that onsen tamago...Slurrrpppp....:D)!!

  2. I know! Onsen tamago is a must when I order a donburi :D