Friday, December 10, 2010

Salmon rice

Friday night! What a delight! Yet I`m still dealing with my previous high calorie guilt and I believe that eating healthier afterward is what I need to make me feel better.
So today`s menu is salmon rice. More good fat, less salt. It should be healthy, right?

You can fry or grill the fish. I was just not into oil splatter in the morning, so I chose grilling. By morning I mean 10 am. My morning is very short indeed.
So, I greased aluminum foil with olive oil, placed the fish on it, and lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Done with grilling! Alright, here`s the thing. You can remove the bones at this step or later when the rice is cooked. As I was already late for work (I keep forgetting that I`m not a student anymore), I did the latter one.

Now, the rice. Wash rice and drain like you always do. About the amount, cook less than the maximum capacity of your rice cooker, especially if your cooker is a small typed one. To be honest, I don`t know what exactly will happen if you place the maximum amount of rice, but I just think that when the rice starts to cook and thus swells up, it will bring up other ingredients to the top and everything will not be properly cooked due to lack of space for the heat. My theory. Unproven theory. You are certainly welcome to try it and let me know how it works with you.
So, after the rice, place slices of shiitake mushroom and bamboo shoots onto the rice.

The salmon, everyone. They`ve been waiting too long to be mentioned again. Top the rice with the grilled salmon. I had to cut them in half so they can fit in to my tiny cooker.

Don`t forget to add minced ginger. This is super crucial. Fresh ginger, please. Mine was actually frozen, but I still call it fresh. At least it`s fresher than powder in a bottle. I think.
Then, add water according the rice amount or just follow the cooking direction for your rice cooker. After seasoning with soy sauce, salt, and pepper, lightly stir the liquid (no need to stir the rice). Finally, close the lid and cook it.
Now I can go to work.

Tadaimaaaaa....Back from work! Helloooooo, my lover! You smell sooo good!
See how the rice pot got pretty full of everything?

Time to remove the bones. For those with kids or bone haters, please pay extra attention on this. I used my chopsticks to shred it up into flakes while picking up any visible bones. I did my best here.

Now put back the boneless salmon flakes to the rice pot, and mix well until everything combined.

Here is our Friday`s dinner!

I added fried eggplants for topping and I will be writing on that in my coming post.

Salmon, grilled/fried
Shiitake mushroom, sliced
Bamboo shoots, sliced
Soy sauce
Ginger, minced
Salt pepper to taste

Atlantic Salmon on Foodista


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  2. Hello, thanks for visiting and informing me about the link! I`ve embedded the widget here as you suggested to :)