Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcoming spring in Iwata

A few days earlier I spotted a place from the passenger seat of his bike and I just couldn`t get the image out of my mind. We just had to go there. And here what we`ve got after our first official outdoor photo-hunting day in Iwata.
Rivers seem to be easily find in Iwata. Japan has impressively clean rivers and the ones I saw in Iwata are no exception. This one actually has a branch on its left, but it`s too bad that our gears couldn`t accomodate our intention to get the whole view.

On the river bank, there is a park with a smiley face on it. I was so busy admiring the whole view that I didn`t notice that particular spot until my husband told me at home!

But wait, that wasn`t the place I actually intended to visit. The one I saw is right here. Spring is coming already!
Seriously, can you pass by this place without looking back?

After consulting with my flower encyclopedia (or something like that), here`s what I`ve found about the flower:
Japanese name: 菜の花 or "nanohana"
English name: field mustard
Sctientific name: Brassica rappa var. amplexicaulis
Flowering time (in Japan): Feb-May
Nanohana are edible and they are easily found in supermarket as fresh ingredients and cooked item as well. The one I had somehow seemed to have bigger stalk than these ones in the picture. I don`t if it`s because they are not fully flowering yet or something else.

Looking up we got to see the pale moon above us.

Looking down we saw this equally beautiful flower. 
Let`s just put the blame on me because I couldn`t find any info about it in my encyclopedia. Grrr....

Next to field mustard is a row of ume (Japanese apricot) trees. I though they were sakura trees. I hope you`re not confused because I am :p

This one is ume too, I think.

Evening already. The wind blew even stronger and it was time to go home.
See you again on our next journey (with some pictures on food too, hopefully!)!


  1. Hi Arudhi! It's been a year since this post... How have you been? :)

  2. Hello Nami-san! I`m soooooo sorry for not noticing your comment much earlier!
    Last year has been quite a big challenge for me and actually now I`m entering into a whole new challenge again. Cooking+blogging have not been on my top list of side activities, but looking how your blog keeps growing making me want to start blogging again. Thanks for checking on me, Nami san!